About Higher Visions

About Higher Visions

Higher Visions is a community network set up by Laura Di Mambro in May 2011 with a view to provide a place for other like-minded souls to come together to learn, grow, share and to self-develop through these changing times.

It is higher Visions heartful purpose to support the community who are in quest of clarity, change and expansion in their consciousness to facilitate a fulfilled life on all levels

The organisation objective is to help bring the Community together to help support each other including supporting local business’s and individuals in the Holistic and spiritual sector.

Higher Visions can assist those who are seeking answers to inner questions and through the various events and workshops it runs. They can offer guidance and assistance on how to advance with a grounded, non-judgmental and calm approach.  This support may allow you to gain more insight into what is occurring within individuals & others.

Higher Visions is an information exchange – a place to find a variety of specialists or practitioners who present information or workshops which may be of particular interest to you.

The network runs Monthly Lunch  gatherings with Guest Speakers  & regular meditations. A place to meet other like-minded souls and to gain knowledge on a specific subject. A ‘taster session’ to see if it resonates! It’s a great opportunity to find out whether you are interested in attending further studies and workshops on that particular topic. Workshops are arranged after participant interest is collected. A great place to meet new friends.

Unique and specialist events are also organised throughout the year for both Adults and kids such as the Annual Conscious Life Festival & Kids Culture- A health and well being event for the community on the Sunshine Coast

My story

Laura Di Mambro set up Higher Visions in May 2011 after ‘waking up like so many’.

Laura had her fair share of challenges in the past few years. Within 1 year she went through 4 major events; spending most of her pregnancy in hospital with the threat of miscarriage and on one occasion being rushed to the cardiac ward with a heart defect. Then Giving birth to Elliot 10 weeks prematurely weighing a mere 1kg. Shortly after having 2 emergency surgeries  after an abnormal pap  and finally receiving the worse devastating news that her mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

Laura’s mum sadly passed away in March 2011 less than a year after her diagnosis.

‘I believe that these were all part of my soul journey which would help me grow spiritually’ Im not sure i would be the person now if i hadn’t experienced these events’

There was one particular time i was lying in the hospital in severe pain when all of a sudden the light above me just started to dim and then brighten. This continued for a couple of minutes. I felt a huge warmth around me and i knew everything would be ok. This was the start of many experiences. I also believe that the issues with heart condition is all part of the awakening process.

These type of events  seems to be a familiar occurrence with many. Over the past few years many individuals have also experienced great challenges both financial and medically as well as experiencing grief and loss in their lives. This is all part of the big wake up call or shift that is currently occurring within many. These challenging events seem to make you look at life with a different view. It really shows what matters and is important in life.

Laura dedicates Higher Visions Australia to her late mum Chrissie Matthews who suddenly passed away after being diagnosed with cancer 09.02.1953 – 19.03.2011